Do you have a webshop or are you doing e-Commerce using E-Bay? Would you be interested in obtaining an overview of the past years, who bought what items and reactivate your customer relations?


Chucks.me is an international Internet trader, who has a broad range of products of Converse Allstars shoes. The products are sold using the following sales channels: E-Bay Amazon Own webshop The number of sales is about 50 a day. The Trader has been doing e-commerce for 5 years now. The problem Up until now the dealer did not have an overview of the sales, which took place in the past. He could not inform his customers about new products and offers.

The solution

Because the dealer did have a copy of the e-mails which were sent by the automatic sales process after each sale, the buying history of each single customer could be reconstructed into detail. This data was offered to dhte dealer en a SugarCRM system as an ASP-Solution.


The solution enabled him to inform his customers about offers and products by targetted marketing campaigns. The re-buying rate of former customers rose significantly and leaded to an increase in turnover of about 20%. Moreover, all at once he could identify his most important customers and derive the following information:

  • Through which sales canals do my customers buy?
  • What part is returning customer?
  • How often do they buy?
  • How and to what extend does the need for my products and services change?
  • How did the selling rates of my sales canals change in time?
  • Do I optimally make use of cross-selling opportunities?

Naturally we integrated the system with his salesportals to make sure that the customer information in CRM is always up to date.