Corporate Identity

Do you need to send mass mails to your customers regularly

Solaris Empire

Solaris Empire is a music label based in Berlin, that brings out international music taltent. The labels core business is the promotion of newly released records. With every release 500 recipients our contacted by e-mail and telephone, radio stations as well as press.

The problem

With an ever growing music portfolio, Solaris Empire needed to send customer mailings more frequently. It became clear that the use of the CRM System for the creation of mass mailings was complex. Especially setting up the recipient list and the use of personal customer information was troublesome.

Solaris Empire used office software to create her serial letters. However she could not optimally use her professional designed letter head with this software: the logos appeared blurry, the text layout was not optimal. The quality of the created mailings was below par.

The solution


Example serial letter, to enlarge please click on the image

With a new user interface the users could quickly and simply select the recipients from the CRM System and write the personalized letter. The employees could create the mass mailing with little effort and without any IT-help.

By enhancing the existing SugarCRM software with high quality open source typography software all logos could be placed in the letter in compliance with the corporate identity and in best quality. The layout work was replaced completely by an automatic process.

Because the solution was realized by using an Internet browser as an ASP-solution (Application Service Provider), there was no need for the installation of additional software on the computers of the users.

The use

Because the employees only need little time to create mailings, the music label can service more musicians without hiring more staff. The more professional layout of the mailings clearly leads to more attention for the releases at radiostations (airplay) and press (reviews).

With this solution Solaris Empire expand her business without having to invest in further improvement. The CRM System is used with more efficiency and considerably supports the daily customer communication.