About Jan Siero

Jan (Johannes) Siero can translate your requirements on business process level to functional requirements down to technical requirements.

He analyses communicative processes and enables participants more efficient decision making and motivate them to better cooperation.

His slogan:
"Optimal customer relations can only be realized, when next to an increase in efficiency and the use of innovative software solutions the working methods and communicative processes of the end users that are in contact with the customers are in focus of the change process."



Jan (Johannes) Siero
Experience: Consultant in ERP Systems, medical systems, SOA and CRM at Opstalan, Advanced Neuro Technology and Inubit
Year of birth: 1978
Education: Electrical engineering (Master of Science), Psychologie
Nationality: dutch
Languages: english, german, spanish, dutch
XING profile: www.xing.com/Jan_Siero