Our working method

  1. Process analysis
    Without emphasizing the systematization we make a sketch of your organization. In this step we would like to know how up till now the customer communication and orientation was organized and what makes your company special in this aspect.
  2. Management strategy
    After the analysis of the current customer relation management we would like to know which targets you are aiming at with the introduction of CRM in your company and discuss about realistic possibilities and expectations
  3. Derive operational targets
    We see the introduction of a CRM System as not only a pure IT-Intervention, but as a change process in your company. Therefore we set operational targets with your department managers and end users based on your strategic plan to make sure the strategic targets are realized.
  4. Selection of the system
    Based on the strategic and operational requirements we make you a proposition, in which a selection of different CRM Systems is presented. It contains a detailed planning with milestones which gives you a transparent overview of the introduction of the CRM System.
  5. Stepwise introduction
    In the short-term, we give your and your employees access to the new system. The results of the new system will not remain a surprise, but is continuously available for tryout and visible during the integration process. This way, your employees won't be put to the challenge to change their working methods according to the new system, but are part of the change process and shape it.

Our method is targeted to realize concrete functionalities. We define in detail what will be realized and give keep you informed about the progress. Your feedback is essential to us to enable us to realize the CRM-introduction which is as closest to your expectations.